GriotBooks are created by US for YOU, to help you keep records of your history in an elegant family heirloom book. Since we specialize in such heirloom, we want to offer it to you in many different ways. For other GriotBook types, please visit the links to your right.  These GriotBooks focus on a certain part of your family history. They make excellent gifts for that special person in your family.

Our "Children's GriotBook" is designed to give little people a look into their family history but without all of the complicated contents.  This edition is filled with eventful photos as well as larger easy to read letters, and colorful illustrations. This edition only holds up to 100 pages, and comes in a 5x8.5 hard cover casing. You still have your choice of colors, and it also comes personalized with your family's surname. If you desire to create your own cover design, please see our stipulations here.
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We wanted to provide a format and system that would not only help guide you in creating your family heirloom, but also to make it a memorable event in your life as you dig into the past of your loved ones.  It would be our pleasure to put the final touches on your family’s keepsake legacy book that can be shared for generations to come.

Whether you are buying this for yourself or as a gift, we hope it provides a meaningful experience for you and your lineage.

It is nothing short of a phenomenon that the Ancestors would drop the idea of a GriotBook on a 4X Author who is also the owner and operator of a publishing company since 2007. The GriotBook family wanted to bring the Ancient Artistry of Village Story telling back to the forefront, recreating the spirit of the Griot whose main job was to keep the history of the village.  Now let the Journey begin......
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We recommend that the age range of 8-13 for the Children's GriotBook due to the set up. Those 14 and above can definitely benefit from the original GriotBooks.
Why should I invest in a GriotBook for my child?

            Promotes healthy Youth ad Elder relationships

If you ask the average child today the name of their great, great, great grandmother/grandfather, most likely you will receive a blank stare. It is a known fact that most children do not know their family members past the 3rd generation. This is a motivating factor for, that is, to help promote healthy relationships between them and their elders (the older members of their family).

            Give children a connection with their Ancestors (loved ones who have passed on).
We recommend  the age range of 8-13 for the Children's GriotBook due to the set up. Those 14 and above can definitely benefit from the original GriotBooks.
The Kids' Family Tree Book by Caroline Leavitt
Visit our Amazon store to check out some awesome books written to help  children in creating their family tree.
Have you ever said this to your child, "you act just like your grandmother" or "you chew your food just like your great uncle use to?" Some call it reincarnation and others see it as just plain genetic coding.  No matter what title it is given, the truth is that genes/DNA is passed down from generation to generation without ones permission. Children often wonder why their hair color is different than their immediate family, or why their skin tone is different.  Many times a child has picked up genetic markings such as the way they walk or the way they like a certain food.  Believe it or not, genetic coding is real!  Working with your child helps he/she to become familiar with their loved ones and maybe perhaps answer questions that they often think about when it comes to self.
The Roots of My Family Tree (Multicultural Children's Book)
By Niki Alling