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We wanted to provide a format and system that would not only help guide you in creating your family heirloom, but also to make it a memorable event in your life as you dig into the past of your loved ones.  It would be our pleasure to put the final touches on your family’s keepsake legacy book that can be shared for generations to come.

Whether you are buying this for yourself or as a gift, we hope it provides a meaningful experience for you and your lineage.

It is nothing short of a phenomenon that the Ancestors would drop the idea of a GriotBook on a 4X Author who is also the owner and operator of a publishing company since 2007. The GriotBook family wanted to bring the Ancient Artistry of Village Story telling back to the forefront, recreating the spirit of the Griot whose main job was to keep the history of the village.  Now let the Journey begin......
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Getting organized is a very important step in preparing your GriotBook.  Gathering all of your materials into one place is the easy part; keeping them organized is another. We  are listing some steps that may insist you in preparing your GriotBook. Try out different methods, but do the ones that are effective for you.

1. Create a folder on your computer and name it “My GriotBook”

2. Create "parent" sub folders within the GriotBook folder. We suggest you label them the following:  "photos", "newspaper clips", "vital records", or whatever applies.

3.  Create a "child" sub folder within each "parent" sub folder. These particular folders can be essential in keeping each family member's information separated.

4.  Save a copy of all folder on a removable storage device, such as a USB memory stick, and keep this device with the physical materials

4.  Place each digital piece of information in its proper folder.
5.  If you have tangible items such as papers and photos, spread them in front of you in a well-lit workspace.
8.  Organize all collectibles such as old photos, boxes of old letters and documents, old books from loved ones etc...
7.  Create a family chart. This will help you to stay organized.  Insert all information in its proper place on the chart. The charts can be found in the Family Historian Center and the Authorized Griot Center.
8.  Set Deadlines You Can Live with AND
9.  "Allow plenty of time to complete an awesome GriotBook.