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We wanted to provide a format and system that would not only help guide you in creating your family heirloom, but also to make it a memorable event in your life as you dig into the past of your loved ones.  It would be our pleasure to put the final touches on your family’s keepsake legacy book that can be shared for generations to come.

Whether you are buying this for yourself or as a gift, we hope it provides a meaningful experience for you and your lineage.

It is nothing short of a phenomenon that the Ancestors would drop the idea of a GriotBook on a 4X Author who is also the owner and operator of a publishing company since 2007. The GriotBook family wanted to bring the Ancient Artistry of Village Story telling back to the forefront, recreating the spirit of the Griot whose main job was to keep the history of the village.  Now let the Journey begin......
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Correcting files can be very time consuming, so it would be beneficial if you try to correct your files as you go along.  You will have the opportunity to correct your files BEFORE your manuscript hits the printer.  We recommend that you have a second, even third set of eyes to review your files in an attempt to catch any errors that you may have missed.  

Our prices do NOT cover corrections to your files. If you only have a few corrections, it's usually cheapest for US to make the changes on our system. If your changes are beyond a couple of simple corrections, it may be easier and cheaper for you to send us corrected files BEFORE you sign off on your project. If we have to make changes beyond the simple corrections, we will charge a very reasonable rate of $50 per hour, so your changes may only cost a few dollars. You can send revised files (up to 3) for free.  Afterwards, there is a $50 fee. If we need to re-format or re-convert your files to PDF, there will be additional charges for that, so you really want to get it right the first time.

We will help you with basic editing, but if you require extensive editing, there will be a charge of $1.50 per page.