Is the GriotBook a good fit for you?  Well of COURSE it is!  But we want you to know it too.  This is not one of those fancy pages that will look into a crystal ball and based upon your answers tell you if you need a GriotBook or not. We have gathered together a few simple questions that are designed to help you decide if this investment is worth it for you and/or family. You should also visit the FAQ’s page to assist you further in your decision by reviewing Frequently Asked Questions.  Now, check the list below to see if GriotBook is right for you!

1. Do you have other family members? This may sound like a “really?” moment, but believe it or not, there are people out there who do not have any other family members; whether they all transitioned from this earth, or the person just happens to be the only child, perhaps even adopted.  If you do not have a family then GriotBook may NOT be for you UNLESS you are planning on starting one, OR you want to write a memoir book about your exciting life and share it with the world (phew...that was a mouthful).  We do however publish other book types.  If you need further information, contact us here.  If you do have a family, please continue to read.

2. Do you have children, and if you do, how much knowledge of your family tree do they have?  You will be surprised to know that most children these days don’t know any family members past their second set of parents.  This means that they know of their parents (of course), and they may know their Grandparents, but that is where it ends. 

3. Are you willing to put in the work that it is going to take to gather the information on your family? Although we do a great deal of the work for you, gathering information can be quite tedious and time consuming. Make sure that you can set aside some time each day to gather up the information that we need to complete your GriotBook. Also, it would be a splendid idea if you were to enlist someone to assist you. Okay, If you answered "yes" to these questions and still wish to proceed, start by clicking  here.

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We wanted to provide a format and system that would not only help guide you in creating your family heirloom, but also to make it a memorable event in your life as you dig into the past of your loved ones.  It would be our pleasure to put the final touches on your family’s keepsake legacy book that can be shared for generations to come.

Whether you are buying this for yourself or as a gift, we hope it provides a meaningful experience for you and your many generations to come.

It is nothing short of a phenomenon that the Ancestors would drop the idea of a GriotBook on a 4X Author who is also the owner and operator of a publishing company since 2007. The GriotBook family wanted to bring the Ancient Artistry of Village Story telling back to the forefront, recreating the spirit of the Griot whose main job was to keep the history of the village.  Now let the Journey begin......
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